Anatomy of a Business Logo

A business logo has the opportunity to send a strong message about your product or service without saying a word. At Concept Marketing, we find that rebranding often starts with a logo that isn’t quite doing the job. Is your logo hitting the mark?

If your logo is incredibly complex, with too many angles, symbols and colours popping out, it will overwhelm potential clients. Focus on keeping it simple, clean and direct. At Concept Marketing, we suggest for our clients to show their logo to their target market and clients (not your kids or PA) for only five seconds. Then, ask them to draw what they saw. If they cannot reproduce a close rendition of your logo, it’s time to tone it down – and perhaps think about redesigning your logo.

One of the most common designs we see every day happens in font. Comic Sans – love it or hate it – sets a tone. It’s playful, whimsical and not meant to be taken seriously. Determine the tone of your business and match the logo accordingly.

The colour of a logo is part of capturing the tone. Different colours mean different things. When choosing the colours for your logo, research the mood and feelings associated with different colours. At Concept Marketing, we provide our clients with a colour chart, detailing what their new logo represents in the market.

When designing a logo, don’t get caught up in trends. Put your focus on designing a logo that is classic enough that it won’t look outdated in a few years. Or, if nostalgia is an appropriate part of your branding, play up the time period you want your logo to represent.

One final word of advice: Choose a great designer. Even though your logo should be simple enough to be timeless, it should also have that certain something that will make it memorable. A professional designer will know how to combine colour, tone and your brand energy to create a visual representation of your business worth remembering. At Concept Marketing, we do logos! How fitting…

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