First, advertising and marketing companies have the same goal: spreading word about your business. But a marketing agency, or “full service” advertising agency, does more than just advertise -they identify your place in the market, select your ideal target market and craft strategies to brand your company. Recognition is what you need, and by selecting a marketing agency located in Perth, you can rest assured they understand your business and your local market.
Every business needs an effective website. Website design is not something you should DIY. You need an experienced web designer, preferably one located in Perth, so that your website sells your business and doesn’t sell it short. Before hiring a web designer, be sure to ask about testimonials from past clients so you can see how effective they have been for other companies.  You also need to communicate to your designer who your target customer is so that your website is built to suit their needs. Lastly, point your designer to the competitor websites that you view as successful, so that your website design is competitive.
A good marketing company will first identify the benefits, innovations, frustrations and opportunities present in your business—we call this the BIFO meeting. This meeting is where we brainstorm your ideal customer – what they need, what they desire, how they like to shop and what matters to them most when considering a purchase. By identifying your unique business position in the market along with the unique needs and wants of the target market, your marketing firm will establish a plan of attack to engage all potential customers.
These days, almost everyone is online – thus any business will need to employ an online marketing strategy to engage these potential customers. Internet marketing campaigns might include: search engine optimisation (SEO) for your website, internet marketing, and email marketing campaigns. Most marketing companies include internet marketing as part of their core set of services. If yours doesn’t, then you need to locate one in Perth that does. The internet is where most consumers become engaged with a brand, either by locating the company’s website or having that content shared with them by other uses, so you don’t want to miss out.
Any good creative marketing agency realises that creativity is a huge part of their business. Without fresh ideas, campaigns can grow stale. So how does a marketer stay creative? First, we doodle and keep creative journals. In fact, doodling is a great way to open up your mind to new possibilities. We also look for ways we can bend the rules so that we’re delivering ideas that test our capabilities. We brainstorm creative media advertising methods so that our clients stand out from their competitors. And finally, we stay surrounded by other creative thinking people so that we can bounce ideas off one another. Creativity is bolstered by numbers, so you need a full service creative agency that is never short on new ideas.
Yes. Branding is a huge part of any marketing company’s strategy. Why? Because your brand is what will gain customer recognition and recognition is what will boost sales. Your brand is your identity -what sets you apart from other competitors in your market. In Perth, we are one of the only creative brand agencies able to establish your brand clearly and concisely—a brand that is edgy, exciting and easy to associate with your product and/or service. With a solid brand, marketing is easy. That’s why our first goal with every client is to work on establishing their brand within the Perth community, across the state and even across the globe.

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