Marketing & Strategy


We offer a full range of Marketing and Strategy services to our clients – services that bring results. From planning one off email campaigns to providing comprehensive year-long strategic campaign roll outs, we know what you need and when.

We start with an intricate and detailed examination of your business to ascertain your ideal client within your target market. Then sit down and create a business-specific plan for you. No cut and paste campaigns here. We want you to know how special you are.

Our team covers all areas of expertise, from campaign conception to execution and reporting, we keep you updated every step of the way. Offering strategic workshops allows us to show you how to get the results you need and we work with you to get those results.


Marketing & Strategy

Our Marketing & Strategy Services

Ideal Client Identification

In a perfect world, business owners would discover a hot market and then build a business to serve that market. The reality is that most businesses are started because the owner of that business knows how to do something. Occasionally, through trial and error, that business discovers it does indeed serve a hot market. Far too often, businesses simply get by without any real focus on a market.

Public Relations Strategy

Media strategy sets the foundation for an integrated, well-timed and well-planned PR campaign. By combining multiple media channels including advertising, public relations, event management and social media, Concept Marketing will create a PR strategy that’s tailor-made to meet your objectives and ensure maximum results.

Dashboard Reporting

At Concept Marketing, we believe your marketing should begin with the end in mind. Gone are the days where guesstimating is enough to justify a spend. Our philosophy is you can’t manage what you don’t measure. And if you can’t track your marketing efforts, how do you know what’s effective and what’s not?

Strategy Workshops

Our strategy sessions are aimed at helping you unveil the secret to your business making more money. Your ideal client. We create marketing strategies that focus on the customers who make you the most money – because we all want more of them, right? Then we help you apply that strategy across your whole business. We get you to your most profitable customers in the right place, with the right message at the right time.

Our strategic planning process starts with getting a full understanding of your current situation, the market and your competitor activity. We review your business objectives to make sure your marketing goals are firmly aligned. We also audit your existing activity before recommending a marketing strategy that uses only the right channels to move your customers down the purchase path, so that you get the biggest ‘bang for buck’.

Marketing Plans

Following our Strategy Worskshops and discovery workshops with clients, we deliver integrated Marketing plans to clients with the option of two scenarios.

The first – a plan that our clients can take away and implement themselves.

The second – a plan that we can implement and report back on for them.


  1. What makes you different from your competitors
  2. The most profitable segments to approach
  3. Meaningful insights into your target markets
  4. Campaigns to differentiate your product/service in the marketplace
  5. Tactics to attract more of the most profitable customers
  6. The best channels to communicate the message