A complete marketing company — Concept Marketing will help you piece your business marketing puzzle together.

Unlike most other marketing companies, we understand that in today’s dynamic and evolving world businesses need to utilise a variety of marketing mediums to be successful. The largest companies must reach beyond the traditional mediums of television, newspaper and radio and employ some newer electronic tools, like internet marketing. We also recognise that smaller companies can’t rely wholly on social media platforms alone to promote their product or service offering or to capture a wider audience.

Concept Marketing has the technical skills and the real world experience to help you to reach your target market quickly, effectively and positively. We pride ourselves on providing Real Results. While most of our clients work with us across the entire brand spectrum we are also well-equipped to deliver work on an adhoc, project by project basis.

Our team possesses competencies that traverse the full spectrum of communications – strategy planning, creativity, production and implementation – all based in one seamless customer-driven framework. We are proud to say that Concept Marketing has built an enviable reputation for developing branding and positioning strategies to achieve differentiation and increase market share, ROI and shareholder value for our clients. The added bonus is that all this is contained under one roof. Our unique infrastructure model promotes faster and better decision making, seamlessly integrated messaging/imagery, effective project management and cost control, all managed by one dedicated team. If time and money are important to you we will help you save on both.”