Australian Real Estate Websites see Record Audience Highs

According to statistics released by Nielsen Online Ratings, Australian real estate websites saw a 25% audience increase in 2014. Both and Domain saw drastic increases in unique traffic, highlighting a recent obsession among Australians with real estate and the companies’ dedication to customer satisfaction, according to Monique Perry, head of media at Nielsen.

While these real estate websites saw dramatic traffic increases, news sites remain at the top of the rankings. As more users move to electronic newspapers, news sites experienced a 14% increase in mobile readership in 2014.

While this boom in traffic to real estate websites does indicate a unique interest in Australian real estate, there are ways any business or website owner can increase traffic to their sites. As WA’s first Google Partner, Concept Marketing understands the importance of SEO optimisation.

SEO optimisation offers websites the ability to attract new potential customers and clients. As consumers use search engines to explore various topics, websites with excellent SEO optimisation can attract target audiences to their websites, introducing these potential customers to your brand and company. In addition, keeping up with SEO optimisation on your website will keep consumers coming back, whether for interesting blog posts and articles, or special offers and sales.

While SEO optimisation can provide website owners with a large increase in traffic, it is also somewhat of an art. For example, in Google’s most recent set of new rules for SEO on websites, many sites saw penalties associated with improper use of keywords, which were being used to lead viewers to irrelevant websites. Proper use of SEO can not only direct new traffic to your website, but if done correctly, can move your website up further on search engine results. This helps increase the traffic to your site while gaining a greater sense of trust from the viewer. However, not following Google’s strict SEO rules will result in the opposite effect, moving your site down further on search engine results and reducing the amount of traffic your site sees.

As one of WA’s only Google Partners, Concept Marketing specializes in SEO optimisation services and Adwords customization. This specialisation combined with skills and real-life experience only available from Perth’s leading boutique marketing company, lends Concept Marketing the unique ability to reach and communicate with your target audience quickly, effectively, and positively. If you need personalised attention from an expert on SEO optimisation, contact Concept Marketing today.

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