Be The Best B2B Marketer That You Can Be

If you can repeat that fast, five times in a row, then I think we can assume you’re top of things. Well , tongue twisters at least! For anyone else, read on and find out just how you can become the best B2B marketer that you can be.

What is B2B Marketing?

Every business employs marketing strategies, but did you know that those strategies should be different depending on whether you market to businesses or consumers? Business to business marketing, or B2B, targets other businesses and organizations. Business to consumer marketing, or B2C, targets consumers. Because businesses buy differently than consumers, there are some key ways to market to the decision-makers at businesses.

With consumers, you often use tactics that draw on their emotions. With B2B marketing however, facts and information is key.  That director looking at your product may think it sounds cool and will be drawn to that, but what’s the return on investment (ROI)? Often, the decision isn’t made by just one person, and you need to make sure that the value is prominent in your marketing.

B2B Marketing Done Right.

Your B2B strategy should follow some of the same steps as B2C, but you need to think it through carefully. Your target market consists of professional buyers, and you need to cater directly to them, considering what factors will have the greatest influence on their buying decisions.

Before you do anything, lay out your objectives, and make sure they’re specific and measurable. You can’t determine how well this plan works if you don’t know your goals. Start laying out your framework and your high-level plan for meeting those objectives.

Next, you need to know who you’re marketing to. Research your target market. Your product has a defined customer base, and those customers have specific needs. Create a profile of your typical buyer, analyze it, and make sure you have as much information as possible about who you’re targeting.

When you know the objectives and market, you can look at tactics. You don’t want to start working on these until you’ve defined your target customer, because different tactics work better in different markets. Figure out how they shop for similar products and where, and then employ tactics that take advantage of that knowledge.

Now, start building out the campaign and running it. You can use blogs, SEO, social media, white papers, email, and videos to name a few. Spend the time to make sure you have a high-quality campaign that targets the right audience in the right places. But don’t stop there. Evaluate it both while it’s running and once it has ended. Keep track of your analytics. See which assets work better, and then improve on the first campaign with the next.

Concept tip:

Start your B2B Marketing by creating a Linkedin company page with up-to-date information. This will prompt you to answer questions about your business you may not have thought about recently and provides a simple platform to put your business in front of the right audience. From there, you can build your network, learn about your industry and even take marketing into your own hands with native, lead generation and dynamic ads as well as retargeting and sponsored InMail.

So, are you feeling better about being the best B2B marketer that you can be?

To help you navigate through the intricacies of LinkedIn digital marketing, as well as a full business-to-business marketing strategy, trust the knowledge and experience of Concept Marketing. We’ll work with you to create real results based on the needs of your business and your customers.

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