Company Perks to Boost Staff Motivation – Without Spending a $

Coca Cola on tap, three course meals prepared by an on-site cook or as much time off as you want…. Some of the best benefits offered by large, international companies who spend tonnes of cash on rewarding their staff’s efforts.

Today, employees are seeking greater meaning behind why they get out of bed and come to work each day. Work is not just a job or a pay cheque for many people – it is an opportunity to do what you feel passionate about. And if the workplace does not reflect those shared passions – then motivation, satisfaction, creativity and productivity goes out of the window – followed very closely by that passion.

Hence forth, there’s a growing trend to offer perks that can help celebrate your employees’ efforts, learning and career progression. And the best bit?… You don’t need to spend thousands or millions to do it.

If you’re the leader of a team of great people – here are a few low-cost options to consider implementing into your business 🙂

1. Unlimited Holidays

Many companies have introduced a new policy – called unlimited holday. Basically, allowing people to take as much holiday as they like.

There are a few t’s and c’s of course i.e. ensuring the time off is planned, doesn’t conflict with other staff members’ time off and that you’re work is covered when you are away!

Why Do It?

Employees are in control and are accountable for their time off – and research suggests that regular breaks from work can boost productivity. If you have an open, accountable and collaborative company culture, you can be confident that your team won’t abuse the policy… In fact, you’ll find that, if anything, your team will overextend themselves to ensure their workload is covered and managed effectively when they are gone.

2. Mental and Physical Exercise

A new trend is emerging, encouraging teams to engage in body and mind workouts that will boost energy and mental activity.

For example, on Friday mornings, our team meets at 6am for a morning boxing class, led by a professional personal trainer. If boxing feels a little too intense for you, consider something a little more relaxing, like yoga.

Why it Works

Encouraging your team to be fit and healthy is important, but instead of handing them a voucher or membership, you will find exercising together will reinforce team bonding and a sense of togetherness.

3. Giving is Better than Receiving

There is a growing trend for employees to encourage team members to spend one day a month doing something good in the community – some form of charity work.

You could even establish your own scholarship program or charity that stands for something you all believe in. You’ll find that if your employees are passionate about a particular subject, they will drive it themselves. This is a fantastic way to boost energy and enthusiasm around what the company stands for – and feels passionately about.

Why it Works

There has been countless research into how helping others affects your happiness in a positive way. When we are generous, we are healthier, happier people – and in turn actually live for longer.

4. Gratitude = Happiness

Gratitude is key to happiness in every aspect of our lives. For example, our team members are encouraged to write that they are grateful for on a post-it – and pop it into a jar throughout the week. One of our favourite activities on a Monday morning is reviewing the post it notes as a team and trying to guess which post-it note belongs to who.

Why it Works

It’s a great way to remember the little things that matter – as it can often get crushed by the seemingly bigger, more important or urgent things. For larger team, you’ll also get to know each other and the things you are each grateful for and passionate about.

Having a small – or no budget for company perks can be a good thing – as it forces you to think a little more creatively. If you have any company perk ideas you would like to share, please comment on our blog – we would love to hear them.

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