Creating Our Vision Boards for 2014

A new year launches new visions. And that’s exactly what we just did here at Concept Marketing. We launched ours. Last Tuesday we got the entire Concept Marketing team involved in a vision board workshop, where we shared our goals and dreams with one another.

Together, we ripped up old magazines and travel books and created collages of what we wanted to achieve in the coming year. Amongst the cars, houses, boats and watches we all wanted, were visions around being better people, learning and achieving mammoth goals. Some were selling an App, driving a boat, become a writer and photographer, being happier, losing weight and spending more time with family and friends.

Doing it as a team made it feel like a celebration rather than a workshop.
As a result, I know understand my staff better personally and when staff are low, unmotivated or feeling stressed, I can reward them with things to help them achieve their goals, rather than something insignificant. Furthermore, my co-workers understand what is important to me and my business. Professionally we are focused and aligned. The boards now hang up by each of our desks and are displayed as reminders that stir up our excitement and keep us motivated day to day.

Why not organise a vision board “celebration” of your own at your workplace? Motivate your staff to get everyone thinking and feeling about why they are working for you. What makes them tick?

If you want our help, just call us and we will be happy to run you through exactly how we did our vision board workshop.

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