Dashboard reporting – The must have business tool of 2015

Every modern company, even the smallest, can hugely benefit from the implementation of a dashboard for reporting on business performance, encouraging employee motivation and increasing client communication.

A dashboard is an easy to read, one page summary of the analysis of the information. It is an overview of all your systems at a glance. The uses of dashboards are innumerable, concentrating all data, parameters and abilities at one place, certainly is a worthy investment for your business.

The dashboard method of reviewing details and viewing the status of operations provides a significant opportunity to make your business more efficient and quick to respond to issues and opportunities.

There are many advantages that result in the utilisation of this tool. Some of the most important benefits are:

Dashboards can be customized in terms of users and expectations. At each stage and decision level dashboards can be tailor made to present the most valuable and useful set of information. This allows employees and clients alike to access the detail that they need in order to get their job done and meet their goals.

In the past, users would spend large amounts of time reviewing and analysing many different reports to come to a final conclusion. Dashboards however allow you to see, at a glance, an overall report of the desired information.

Drill into detail:
But, having all-in-one does not means the absence of details. Dashboards are developed with the ability to get as deeper in information as required by simply selecting the desired variable or object.

Intuitive data presentation:
There is no need for complicated and exhaustive training. Dashboards are design to be intuitive to any user. The graphic design allows an easy and smooth navigation throughout the information.

Here at Concept Marketing, over the next few months we’ll be introducing a brand new customised dashboard system, tailor made by our designers to track and report on the information most important for you company.

The new system will not only allow our account managers real time tracking of campaigns, but our clients will also be able to log on check in on the progress.

At the moment our dashboard is still in development but here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come
Do you wish your company’s results were all laid out on the table and easy to analyse?

Contact Concept Marketing today and see how we can manage your marketing seamlessly with our one of a kind dashboard reporting system.


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