Get Instant Connection with your Prospects by Nailing your Branding

The goal of branding or rebranding should be to build an instant connection with your customers.

When done correctly, branding has the power to build a customer base. This is due to the emotional connection that takes place when a customer begins to recognize a logo, colour scheme or tagline. That familiarity breeds trust which results in a stronger customer relationship.

When done incorrectly, branding can alienate a customer base. Inaccurate positioning, confusing claims or mixed messaging all play into consumer disconnect. This disconnect can result in detachment or distaste for the brand… without even trying the product.

It’s critical to correctly identify your branding or rebranding strategy. This requires time, thought and careful research. Once you understand the point of difference your business offers to consumers, you’ll have the ability to build an effective brand.

Top Tips to Create or Refine Your Branding

1. Understand What You Have to Offer
Too often, companies make the mistake of simply selling the product or service. To develop a strong branding strategy, go deeper. What are you really selling? Convenience? A lifestyle? Innovation? Conducting a focus group with consumers can help you identify what it is that your brand is all about, from the point of view of the consumer.
2. Consider The Competition
It’s important to differentiate your company from the competition. It pays to do some research to determine the point of difference within your company. Building on that aspect will strengthen the brand identity of your business.
3. Stay on Message
It can be tempting to get caught up in fads, trends or a funny idea. Before building a campaign around a hilarious video you saw on YouTube, take a step back and consider whether it is in line with your branding message. If the message is muddy, consumers won’t spend long deciphering it.

Concept Marketing worked with a construction company on a rebranding process. In addition to changing the look and feel of the logo and colour scheme, the four divisions of the business were segmented. This helped the company to look better and afforded the opportunity to cross promote across each segment. Although nothing has changed with the company, this rebranding helped to redefine the areas of focus within the business and for consumers.

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