Get Stuck Into a Morning Brainstorm

Morning coffee and morning meetings kick off our days here at Concept Marketing. We meet as a team first thing to talk about our clients, new and ongoing. Group energy keeps us inspired and keeps our energies invigorated… Or could that be the caffeine?

It’s not a time when we merely report in, then break apart to work in isolation. These morning meetings are work sessions, tossing out ideas, sharing, staying fresh. We exchange new ideas on how to promote our clients. We’ll brainstorm the message we are trying to get across: what’s the main point? How do we get that message communicated?

It’s great to get an opportunity to communicate as a group at the start of the day – we really learn what others are doing and learn from each other. Everyone gets a chance to have input, to be a valuable contributor to the creative process.

We are a team and we love it.

Go ahead and try morning coffee and morning meeting each day to get everyone involved, motivated, thinking and getting creative. It’s exciting, fun and guaranteed to get everyone awake and involved.

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