YOU GOT MAIL (or did you?) How successful is your emailing marketing?

When your spam filter is bombarded by never-ending ‘messages of value’ from (it seems) every company on the internet, there is growing concern that email marketing is dying.

While the exponential growth of social media engagement, and the consequent investment by companies wanting to promote their brands, has led to instant, easily shared marketing, you shouldn’t dismiss the intimacy of personal, relevant and compelling email campaigns.

Marketing agencies in Melbourne and Australia wide, who complain email marketing is failing to cut through, has poor open rates, click through rates and conversion rates are forgetting an essential point…

Successful EDM’s (electronic direct mail) require compelling content, directed at your ideal clients, containing messages relevant to that audience.

According to Ascend, 51% of marketers say the lack of relevant information about their contacts limits the success of email marketing. Here at Concept Marketing, before we create a campaign, we create a comprehensive database of qualified recipients, making sure the right people read your message. Does your marketing agency in Melbourne do that?

A survey by Hubspot (2016) revealed 78% of recipients claim to have cancelled email subscriptions because they are receiving too many. Is your current marketing agency in Melbourne guilty of this?

Bombarding your audience with messaging will not encourage them to convert. Instead, it will get customers hitting the “unsubscribe” button in a flash.

Good results come from great planning. If you don’t have a strategy around your email campaigns, you’re failing before you press send. Without a carefully planned strategy, relevant content and motivating call-to-actions making people click where you want, email marketing won’t work, and open rates will nosedive.

It’s a shame so many people forget about these essential email components as, when used correctly, EDM’s can leverage sales, generate new customers and help customer retention.

Email marketing gives you the option to reach out through different types of messaging.

Here are the four most common types of EDM messaging:
Product Push

The most traditional method, intended to increase impulsive click through rate and conversion rates by announcing a promotion or a new product.


These campaigns promote the customer’s relationship with your brand or company, to generate more sales.


Intended to inform clients about industry developments, future events, company news etc.


This includes surveys, feedback forms, competitions and calls to action that engage the audience to respond in a particular way.

When you combine these strategies with a comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing campaign, delivered by an experienced marketing agency in Melbourne, the results will speak for themselves.

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