How to Choose a Domain Name

The domain address for a website is what users will type into the search engine bar to find your website. Choosing an effective name for your domain is a critical task because the name of your domain can directly affect the traffic to your site. Due to the importance of this task, many businesses hire the services of a marketing company to choose a domain name.

Here are the top 10 things Concept Marketing takes into account while choosing a domain name for our clients. Consider using these tips to develop your domain name.

1.    Keywords
Make a list of at least 10 keywords that directly impact your business. Use these as a springboard to brainstorm a name for your domain. Always start with trying to incorporate the name of your business.

2.    Simple Spelling
Clever or difficult spelling can wreak havoc on a domain name. Choose a domain name that the average person can spell without hesitation. Keep it short and simple.

3.    Easy to Remember
Keep it simple. A clever or outrageous domain name might seem attention grabbing in the moment, but if it is difficult for your clients to remember, they won’t be able to find your site.

4.    Conflicts
Is there a famous site that sounds like the name of your business? Popular sites will often redirect the user, so consider new options if your business name is something like Google.

5.    .com
The domain should incorporate .com. There are several alternatives to this option but the .com still remains the most popular ending to websites on the planet, which means it will be easier for your clients to remember.

6.    Classic
Avoid trends and current buzz words while naming your site. A catch phrase might be applicable now, but do you really want to build your site name around something that will date your branding ten years around the road?

7.    Umbrella
Speaking of business growth… If your main business name is not up for grabs and you build a name around keywords, choose your umbrella carefully. For example, if you deal in paper, might sound good now, but what if you grow to include other options down the road? Consider all scenarios before settling on a site name.

8.    Consumer Response
Do not select a domain name without holding a focus group first. Once you have your list of options in place, present them to a focus group to identify popularity as well as problems you may not have figured out on your own.

9.    Availability
Once you have the name that you want, it’s time to check availability. Domain registers will let you know instantly whether or not the name you want is available. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

10.    Copyright
The same holds true for copyright details. Before you invest in your domain name, check to determine that your site name does not infringe upon a current copyright.

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