How to Publish Your Own Book or E-Book

Writing your own book can position you as an expert in your field. The writing isn’t usually the hard part; you know your business and field more than anyone else.

The issue is what to do with it when you have one. Usually the book sits on a shelf somewhere and doesn’t get used or promoted. Concept Marketing have spent the last 6 – 7 months putting together our very own marketing book, to be released next month.

So we would like to share with you the 14 easy steps and ideas to market your own book.

1.    Create a landing page for the book to download or request a copy.
2.    Create a video about the book and add it onto the landing page (talking head or animated is the easiest).
3.    Feature a promo banner in a newsletter.
4.    Create an Email to promote the benefits of the book.
5.    As a teaser you can share exerts of the book in a series of emails.
6.    Complimentary copies sent to well-chosen opinion leaders and friends will often lead to promotions to their own database. Active bloggers and marketers are always on the lookout for tasty content snippets to keep their audiences engaged.
7.    Insert a flyer into your presentation files or folders about the book.
8.    Post on (you may need a publishing company for this).
9.    Invite raving fan clients to share the message of the book in emails, online etc.
10.    Share the book on social media.
11.    Write a press release and submit to the press / press sites.
12.    Add the book to your website and email signatures.
13.    Write an article about your book on your website blog and link people to it.
14.    Give away extras or add-ons to make your book more desirable – another book or handbook, videos, downloads etc.

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