How to Write Your Elevator Pitch for Team Alignment

An elevator pitch is a clear and concise message designed to define exactly what it is that your business has to offer.

The power of a well-constructed elevator pitch is immense. A well-done pitch can tell the listener the Who, where, what, why and how of your business. Within thirty or sixty seconds, a prospect will get the full story on exactly what to expect when working with your company.

The power of a poorly constructed elevator pitch is equally important. A muddled, confusing pitch filled with mixed messages will leave the prospect confused and most likely, misinformed. Rather than pursuing a business relationship, that prospect will most likely want to get out of the elevator as soon as possible.

Taking the time to construct an elevator pitch to share with employees is a powerful way to build your branding message. When employees see an elevator pitch in black and white, it serves as a sort of mission statement. Plus, it ensures that the message of what your business has to offer is consistent all over town.

1. Define Your Branding Message
Understand the who, what, why, where and how of your business. Who you’re in business for, what you have to offer, why you’re the best option, where to find you and how to go about working together. And, of course, a tagline designed to reflect your Unique Selling Proposition.
2. Write an Elevator Pitch to Deliver that Message
Thirty and sixty-second pitches are designed to deliver that brand message. These messages should not be salesy, but engaging, conversational and informative. Elevator pitches are t type of thing that can be said out loud at a party or, of course, in an elevator.
3. Hold a Training to Teach the Pitch to Employees
Once the elevator pitches are prepared, conduct trainings to teach employees how to deliver the pitch. It’s important for the branding message of your company to be consistent. Once all of your employees are sharing the same message, they will also better understand the common goal of your company.

Concept Marketing worked with a removal company on building company morale through a consistent brand message. This process included developing thirty and sixty-second elevator pitches. The consistent message and clear understanding of the company increased morale and understanding from transient removal employees. We even placed the pitch cards in the removal trucks to remind the guys of what the company stands for, while they are on each job! Now, the employees work towards the same goal: one that is clearly defined in the pitch and branding message.

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