Learn something new today

Learning shouldn’t stop in school and we wholly believe that.  Homo-sapiens thrive on change. We evolve, we better ourselves, we progress – and with that a whole lot of learning and better understanding.

A wise person realises that, in this infinitesimal universe, there is always more that can be learned… and as much as nobody likes a ‘smart arse’ we’re all about learning better ways.

Our marketing strategist, Natasha is half way through an 8 week Strategic Planning course to revive her knowledge of the planning cycle and marketing research. Marketing executive, Kellie, is getting connected with the future with a digital marketing course, which started last week.

We religiously search TED.com for inspirational talks on leadership, marketing, sales and more and share them with our clients so they can learn as well.
Last month we attended a Sales conference – which I shared with you last month. We have branding, logo, campaign magazines on our lunch table – to inspire us.

And every week, we internally meet to present our learning on subject we feel passionate about – the Concept ‘Learning Forum’.

We learn from each other every day and there is no shame in learning.
Learn something new today – come on a journey with us and we can progress your business together and learn loads as we go about your consumer, market and what works.


*Photo credit – Edu Birdie.

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