This list of 10 steps to creating better marketing will change your ROI’s

1. Plan, test, execute, measure (but allow for surprises): Humans are fickle and unpredictable. All the testing and planning in the world can’t factor in the changeability of human nature, so do your best to stick to your plan and try not to be blown off course by surprising results – instead, embrace the new direction and stand out from the crowd.

2. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again – kind of (let’s check you have the right details): Are you spending money chasing down dead leads due to incorrect contact details or because you are targeting the wrong demographic? Knowing who and why to target leads will streamline the sales funnel, saving you time and money.

3. Assumptions make an…well…you know the saying: Never assume a typical customer exists. Each person has their own motivation for wanting a product and it is a huge mistake to assume you know what every single person could possibly want. Instead, we suggest you make an educated guess after conducting research into your business/industry to learn customer demographics and psychographics.

4. Recession = Opportunity: When money becomes scarce due to a repressed economy, use the time to embrace creativity and change. Shake up the way you approach projects to redefine the way you promote yourself and your product.

5. “Likes” don’t equal “purchases”: Just because someone likes your product doesn’t mean they’ll convert into a sale. I love “liking” all the Tissot posts on Instagram – am I likely to buy? Um, no. Asking prospects directly who and how purchase decisions are made will save you time and money. Fast feedback quizzes and email enquiries are a great way to get real insight into customer motivation.

6. Use honey not lemon: a sweet deal is what motivates people do buy. They need to feel that THEY are getting the best part of the bargain when buying your product. Spend time articulating how your product will improve their lives and why they need it in their lives – and they will come flocking!

7. Slow and steady wins the race: While the thought of your product going “viral” may sound great, could you handle huge numbers of sales? Could you realistically give all your customers a positive consumer experience? Qualify all your leads before pursuing them, and save your sales team time, money and aggravation.

8. Listen to learn not to defend: listening is a skill that takes time to develop. Most people listen waiting for an opportunity to talk rather than to absorb what is being saying. An open mind closes more deals.

9. Don’t promise the world: do you want to be known as a snake oil salesman or as a respected industry leader? Never make promises you can’t keep as word of mouth can destroy your business.

10. Use your marketing dollar wisely: the next time you approve a marketing expense, pause and consider whether you would still approve it if it was coming out of your personal pay.
It can easy to become blasé when you have a marketing budget, but each expenditure should be carefully considered and the result of serious thought.

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