Meet the lovely Lily

I am a born and raised country girl from Toodyay and proud of it! Youngest of 7 siblings – enough said. Fell in love with Melbourne over a weekend visit – ended up moving over for 4 years to study Arts/Commerce. Landed an amazing position at the internationally renowned advertising firm McCann learning more than I could imagine…Realised there was a whole world to explore so set out on a 1 year adventure. Now here I am embarking on my second year at Concept Marketing!

A typical day in Lily’s world
Working day or weekend day?! – they have very different answers. Every day I try to squeeze in more then what can fit – maintaining No.1 Aunty position by visiting my 8 nieces/nephews! It’s my mission in life to do something outrageous, challenging or adventurous each day – last week I went fishing and fort off 3 sharks to ensure the catch at the end of my line reached the boat safely – I won!

What I love most of CM
I love the team! CM is like one big family – we laugh, we encourage, we look out for each other and most of all we have fun.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, you couldn’t live without…
A freezer full of Dad’s farm bred Leg of Lamb – you haven’t had Lamb until you have tasted this Lamb!

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