On the surface, business looks cool

Looking beyond the surface is a trait I would like to teach all new and even some experienced marketers. As a results-based agency, you really need to take your responsibilities seriously and prioritise what is actually important from your customers point of view.

What roles and responsibilities will best reflect the needs of not just today, but also tomorrow?

Chief storyteller is one role that can make your brand attractive to your customers and to the greater audience.

What other information do you need to capture and learn about a client’s business?

Do you understand the client’s revenue and margin model?

Agencies will have to think beyond the “advert, Instagram tiles, or a catchy phrase.” Evolving into customer experiences within a broader set of engagement strategies. Understanding the data and metrics at every stage of the funnel will provide for better-informed decision making as campaigns are rolled out.

Companies need to play their part too. This means sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. That way, we can develop solutions relevant to the business. How else do you ensure that everyone is one the same page?

Again, what this looks like will depend on the business, but establishing a rhythm for tracking ongoing campaigns will ensure that everyone is held accountable for their role in the solution.

It’ll also help businesses understand the discipline more fully, bringing a new appreciation to the art of marketing.

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