Places to sell your products or services

By changing your place you can change your position. We share some places and selling methods you haven’t thought about.

As a business, breaking into new markets for people to buy your product or service can be a complex task but it’s your business’s lifeline.

Most businesses don’t spend adequate time researching how best to reach their customers and ensure that their product/service is readily available in the places their target market visit.

Here are some places and selling methods you might not have thought of:

1) A large online presence

Having an online presence is a great way to capture new customers and convert into sales. We assist clients with all aspects of online marketing including emails, remarketing, social media and more.

2) Expo’s and trade shows

Attending trade shows is a fantastic way to selling direct to your target market. Not only can you build a rapport with potential customers, you can meet industry people who can offer you sales opportunities.

3) Speaking Engagements

Speaking and networking events allow you to become the expert of not just your business but even your industry. Ensure you provide marketing material and follow up with prospects after the event.

4) Join Community Organisations

Following on from speaking opportunities, join local organizations and take part in local events and functions – a perfect opportunity to meet third party referrals and prospective customers.

5) Press Releases

Send press releases to relevant media to let them know you are in business and position yourself as an expert in your field. This is a great way to get regular opportunities whenever there is industry related trending topics.

6) Existing customers

Once you have a customer it’s well known that it’s easier to keep a customer than find a new one. Ensure you have processes in place to build brand loyalty to encourage repeat custom.

Seeking and responding to customer feedback is a great way to increase sales whilst improve your product and service offerings.

Getting your product or service “out there” is more than just throwing together a website, buying google and facebook ads and hoping the sales come. Contact us for a free strategy session and see why what we do is far beyond the standard marketing techniques.


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