This is why a positive marketing culture is important

Your employees are your number one marketing and public relations force. If they feel empowered and like a valued part of the organisation, they will become mini-marketers for your business and ultimately boost your ROI.

So how do you create a positive culture within your marketing workforce?
1. Space: give your employees a safe space to honestly voice their opinions without fear of recrimination. This gives them the opportunity to put aside personal issues and have robust discussions regarding work product to allow them to refine and deliver better work. You want to foster an environment where you listen and respond to their feedback constructively. Let them know that the information they possess, their skills and motivation can contribute to the company’s vision and mission. Employees that have freedom of expression are not afraid to think outside the box or make suggestions that might not fit with the norm for your business. Harness this innovation and reap the benefits.

2. Clearly define roles: boundaries are brilliant. When everyone knows what is expected of them, stress levels are reduced. Employees need to feel they can make decisions and that they will be supported.

3. Set Goals: every staff member should articulate their personal, professional and family goals and put them on display in the office. Having something concrete to work towards boosts morale and creates an environment of support as each person encourages their workmates to achieve their goals.

4. Celebrate Success: it may be something as small as learning how to upload content to a website, or successfully sending out and email campaign. Whatever it is, taking a moment to showcase and celebrate and employee’s achievement creates warmth and well-being in the office.

5. Encourage Can-Do attitudes: understanding the vision and the mission of the company gives people direction – it empowers them to develop an attitude that falls in line with the company ethos and achieve their goals. We try to provide group insight when problem solving. Instead of being frustrated by a road block, encourage your employees to approach the problem from another direction, and seek assistance from their colleagues. Let them know you have confidence in their ability and they will shine for you.

The more empowered your employees are, the greater reward your company will reap in terms of positive “press”, increased performance and higher bottom-line results.

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