Selling in the Second Gap

The Concept Marketing office is buzzing after attending the John Lees presentation last week on “Selling in the Second Gap”. What is this “Second Gap” I hear you say? Well, fuelled with inspiration from John’s illuminating presentation, allow us to explain.
As Lees explains the First Gap is what customers want, it’s what they’re asking you to provide. The Second Gap is what they actually need, which is not always what they’re asking for.

The reason your customers are on your doorstep in the first place is because they recognise that you, the expert in your field, probably know more about how to fulfil their want or need more than they do.  “Selling in the Second Gap” is about recognising the power that your expertise gives you and teaching you tools to leverage that power.
In order to close the second gap, we should listen to what our customers want, offer it and educate them on what they need, so they get success (socially and in business) with the product.

John went through his Sales Process. In a nutshell it is:
1)    Sell Progress – Not Change
2)    Show Results / Examples – to back up the talk
3)    Use quality questions to understand their current situation – how they are and who does it
4)    Offer some ideas (not all)
5)    Offer a Plan to Gain Progress…

…but obviously it goes much deeper than what we can explain here. If you’d like to find out more about the tools John offers make a time to pop into our brand new office and we’ll take you through the highlights of what we learnt.

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