Start the Day with a Morning Meeting

Want to get the company on the same page? Plan a morning meeting! This team effort will help your business to work with focus and efficiency.

The well-planned morning meeting is an outstanding way to help your team move in the same direction. The poorly planned morning meeting is… well, a nightmare. Don’t fall into that second category! If you’re going to do it, do it right.

Here’s how:

1.    Time Limit

Stick to a time limit. Often, employees dread meetings because a poorly planned meeting can waste time and take away from real work. Set a time limit that is respected and the morning meeting can achieve a positive goal.

2.    Leader

Upholding a time limit requires strong leadership. Choose a set leader to run a morning meeting. Share your expectations with the leader right away, so the leader knows the exact purpose of the meetings and can drive them accordingly.

3.    Agenda

Provide an agenda for the meeting at the end of each business day. This will inform employees what to have prepared. Of course, this will mean starting your morning meeting roughly half-hour after opening hours.

4.    Provide Information

The morning meeting is should be the time where you share information on new clients, new products or promotions. This is also the time to share clerical information that gets lost in e-mail.

5.    Share Updates

Schedule each employee a time to report. During the report, each employee should provide a brief update on accomplishments from the day before and a plan for the current day. This is also an opportunity to ask for assistance where it is needed.

6.    Set Goals

The morning meeting is an opportune time to set goals for the day, the week and the month. Committing to goals in a group setting will help to hold your employees accountable.

7.    Develop a Routine

Routine is an important part of getting results. At the end of each meeting, uphold some sort of tradition. Whether that means reciting a motivational quote, reminding your employees of the company mission statement or simply letting them know that they are valued member of the company, a routine statement or tradition will help to uphold corporate culture and motivate the team.

Every morning, Concept Marketing holds a group meeting. This allows our team to share information, develop strategy and ask for help. With the morning meeting, everyone on the team is aware of the pressing issues affecting our clients and their business. As a result, staff are empowered to offer assistance where it is needed most.

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