Start with a Successful Marketing Plan for Sales Success

Creating a successful marketing campaign starts with a strong marketing plan. This plan creates a roadmap to help you stay on the right path with your marketing goals. There are many places to put your marketing dollars. Without the focus set forth by a marketing plan, you risk wasting money that could have been better spent.

So, how do you develop a successful marketing plan? There are many factors to consider but to stay concise, we urge you to consider three main factors to begin.

What is your business selling?
This might seem like a no-brainer. After all, if you are selling notebooks it seems pretty obvious that you are selling notebooks, right? Not so fast – there are emotional touch points that can play into your specific product.

For example, are your notebooks designed for kids to take notes in class? Or are your notebooks designed so that writers can jot down thoughts and poems? Or are your notebooks designed for a different purpose altogether?

If your notebook is designer for a writer, you’re actually selling the tool to creativity. This is an intangible, aspirational idea that you could build a marketing campaign around.

How you are different from your competitors?
Once you understand what you’re selling, it’s time to think about the competition. The ones that are selling notebooks for kids to take school are not your immediate competitors. The ones selling creativity are.

Do some investigation: What makes the creativity you have on the shelf different from your competitor’s creativity? Once you pinpoint what your business does differently, you can capitalise on it and make it a key feature of your marketing campaign.¬

What are your measurable objectives for your marketing plan?
Now it’s time to put together some measurable objectives for your marketing plan. This means setting specific goals and targeting the appropriate demographic to meet those goals. As with any goal, it’s important to set a date and a projected ROI.

For example, if your goal is to obtain a certain number of new Facebook users, set a goal as to when you plan to obtain those new users and how much you are willing to spend to do so. With those parameters in place, you will be in a focused position to build a marketing campaign designed to achieve your objective.

At Concept Marketing, we use the REAL Tools program to set you up with the tools to go to market. And our SMART program is your Marketing plan for activities each quarter. We identify your target markets, segment them, research your competitors, design your website and communications and devise a systemised strategy to go to market. We do that for all of our REAL and SMART clients. And the proof of our excellence is in the results we get for our clients.

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