Step into the shoes of your Customer!

How much should I be paying for my website?

We have been approached by clients stating that they did not wish to pay more than X for their site. They claim they have stumbled across firms from abroad who can deliver the website at a fraction of the cost quoted.

Everyone wants a website that looks great. But, more important, your website needs to work great for the visitor. Looking great and working great can be two very different things.

User experience should be at the heart of any website design and the challenges we sometimes face when dealing with a client is the inability for the client to remove themselves from what it is they know to stepping into the shoes of their customer.

The planning, site structure, content and user flow are the above the line activity that most people can witness and deliver an opinion. What many don’t see and where the time and investment should be considered is with items such as site speed, mobile first indexing and the written code.

Not all Web Design is Equal

In the last 30 days, we have taken over three web sites from one of Perth’s leading web developers and we have had to make significant changes and alterations. Technically the sites were sound, but in stepping into the client’s shoes, they lack empathy, understanding and more importantly, whats in it for me as the customer on the page. The thinking and strategy behind a website is crucial to whether you achieve your goals with your website.

Even when your website is complete, the understanding of how visitors are engaging with your website will force you to continue to make changes and alterations to the content, call to actions and other activity that should form part of your monthly activity for marketing.

So when you question your marketing company (and you should consider a marketing company versus a web company for your website) as to the investment for a website, consider the opportunities lost by a poorly structured site.

Step in to the shoes of your customers.

Article written by Mark da Silva. Managing Director @ Concept Marketing.

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