Storytelling as a Marketing Strategy

Are you smarter than a goldfish? Not according to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information. In 2013, research surfaced putting the average person’s attention span for data at just nine seconds, less than that of a goldfish.

Knowledge such as this adds an extra obstacle in the marketing strategist’s world: How do you hold a consumer’s attention long enough to communicate your message?

Luckily for marketing strategists, the average human attention span expands to nearly 90 seconds when listening to a story. While statistics and data can illustrate important points for companies, consumers need something more to keep their attention focused.

Presenting your brand in a story, rather than as a series of statistics and facts, can not only keep the consumer’s attention for much longer, but it can make a bigger impact. Stephen Oliver proved this point in his documentary “What’s the Catch,” a film focused on seafood labeling laws in Australia.

Seafood labeling doesn’t sound like the most attention grabbing topic, but Oliver was able to turn this rather mundane subject into a story on a specific trawler in Thailand and the effects its farming techniques were having on Australians. By straying away from statistics and focusing on a story specific to Australians, Oliver was able to not only get consumer’s attention, but cause a wave of change in seafood labeling laws.

While Oliver’s story is certainly a success, it can often be more difficult for brands to succeed with storytelling as a marketing strategy. Consumers hear stories every day, and if the story isn’t sincere and affecting, consumers may not want to listen.

So how can your company use storytelling as a marketing strategy? The professionals of Concept Marketing are here to help. As Perth’s leading boutique marketing company, Concept Marketing has the skills and experience necessary to turn mundane data into attention grabbing, meaningful stories. From website redesign and graphic design to full colour printing, Concept Marketing has the real-world experience to effectively reach your target market.

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