Carl Mobilia

Art Director

Carl has been an integral member of the Concept Marketing team for over a decade, as the fearless Art Director. Carl is known as being reliable and easy-going, shown in the fact that when asked how he wants people to remember him, he simply said “However they please.” Despite his relaxed nature, Carl has extremely excellent attention to detail, great taste, incredibly finessed aesthetic appreciation, and unassailable problem-solving prowess.

Carl draws inspiration from figures like Stephen Fry and Blindboy Boatclub, for their intelligence and knowledgeability, and how they wield it in such a humorous, creative, humble, compassionate, articulate way. Carl makes delicious cocktails but doesn’t mind having someone else do the mixing at happy hour, favouring a classic Whiskey Sour. However, Carl is happiest at home, perhaps with a board game, or sleeping-in, cosily on a Sunday morning. Carl hates arrogance but appreciates the importance of confidence and individuality.

Therefore, his personal motto is an Oscar Wilde classic: “Be Yourself; Everyone else is already taken.”

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