Jake Wicks

Marketing Associate

There’s not much that gets past Jake, with his need for speed, he’s someone who gets the job done before it arrives!

Speedy Wicks is our resident adrenaline junkie. With a passion for anything automotive, what drives him at work is the teamwork. He thrives on the friendly, collaborative approach our team is famous for.

Jake also has the ‘eye of the tiger’ when it comes to energy, determination and success, with his personal motto ‘better than yesterday’ you know you can always expect that from Jake.

These qualities also extend beyond the office, when he’s at the gym, boxing, mountain biking, hiking or travelling; he’s super focused and nothing is too big to solve.

Jake’s future is bright, with his sights set on his marketing career and exploring various avenues in which he will hone his skill and specialise in years to come.

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