Laura Chant

Senior Marketing Associate

Quick thinking and adaptable, our pragmatic, determined leader Laura is a role model every organisation would do well to have on board!

In all she does, her intention is to leave a positive impact on the people and projects around her, both at work and at home with her two young daughters.

She has an intelligent ability to be ‘in the now’, going with the flow and making the most of what’s facing her in the present, as well as being able to act with foresight and big picture direction.

Laura sees that change is the only constant, and believes the sooner we embrace it, the more agile we become. Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Laura describes what she loves about the Concept team as a dynamic group of individuals, with a diverse mix of personalities and a combination of strengths. She loves working with a variety of clients and having the ability to positively impact a client’s business.

It couldn’t have been said any better!

When Laura isn’t at work, she’ll be found spending quality time with her friends and family.

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