Nikkia Hewston

Chief Operating Officer

Our wonderful Chief Operating Officer, Nikkia Hewston, is rounding out a full decade as a member of the Concept Marketing team. She is essential to the smooth running of our processes. What’s Nikkia up to if she’s not working hard at Concept Marketing?

You may find Nikkia exploring the natural world with her family, showing her ever-hungry little baby the wonders of nature. Or perhaps, at a glamourous wine bar, ordering a Prosecco (Only from the DOC region, thanks. I’m not an animal. But, I’ll take a Pinot at a pinch). Reminiscing about her Grandma, the person that she admires most, not only for her resilience, her unconditional love, and stamina but for the fact that she still hold her wine better than Nikkia at 99 years old.

Nikkia has move back to Perth after growing our Melbourne operation, something we all admire as it was done through long periods of Locked-down, where the opportunities to head to a funky bar to unwind, were few and far between, something that has become one of her biggest pet peeves. Even though Nikkia’s number one special skill, is being able to talk her way through any situation, she wasn’t able to chit-chat Melbourne’s way out of lockdown, not from lack of trying. (Can we get a direct line to Dan Andrews, STAT!) Therefore, if Nikkia could pick anywhere else to be in the world, it is home in Perth, with her family for the summertime. And we love having her back here leading our Perth team.

Nikkia is best described by three Ls, Loud, Loyal, and Loving. She brings the three Ls to her friendships, and the workplace, and is always someone who you can turn to for a chat, or to discuss a problem. Despite the trials of life in Melbourne lockdown, Nikkia maintains that in life there are no regrets, only lessons.

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