Pip Rabach

Marketing Coordinator

The bearer of flare and fire, flamenco dancing Pip is a colourful, vibrant member of the Concept Marketing team.

Her creativity doesn’t just end with her marketing, she has an intertwining passion for dance and performance, which means she knows how to stand out and help her clients stand out as well!

She is someone with connections – and if she doesn’t have them, she knows how to get them. Testament to that…she knows who Banksy is…(boom!) just putting that out there.

She credits her biggest life achievement as being the highest rated player in ‘Tap Tap Revenge’ for Katy Perry’s Extraterrestrial.

As well as her flamboyant side, she has a soft, caring centre, guided by the mantra “go to where people sleep and see if they are safe”, and a sentiment she brings to her relationships with clients.

Pip is loyal and reliable for her clients, always doing her best to help them meet and exceed their needs.

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