Raf Baldasso

Head of Design and Web Services

Raf is a vital part of the Concept team bringing his technical and creative expertise to our digital suite of services.

‘Life’s beautiful’ for Raf, which is also his favourite movie. He loves a great pizza and has a soft spot for his favourite travel destination Santorini, Greece.

He takes inspiration from the greats: Leonardo da Vinci, Paul Rand, David Carson, Jules Verne, Tim Ferris and so many more…and when you’ve got the likes of them in your psyche, you’re bound for great things.

Great things are what he brings to Concept, where he enjoys working with a very strong and creative team and range of clients.

Outside of work, he enjoys the simple pleasures, playing with his dog and kids, socializing with family and friends, and dedicates his life to becoming his wife and kids’ best friend. What more could anyone ask for!

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