Rebecca Barnett

Head of Digital

If you want to get a sense of Rebecca, and her perfectly dry sense of humour, when asked to describe herself in three words, her answer was “Rebecca Ann Barnett – that seems to describe me accurately.” As with her humour, at happy hour Rebecca also likes her extra dry gin or glass of cold SSB. Preferably, after a long day of exploring the beautiful countryside of Switzerland with her family.

However, as a Gemini, on the flip side of the coin, Rebecca would be just as pleased hanging at home and reading a good book, with quality coffee and surrounded by plenty of house pants. When Rebecca isn’t at work, she is happiest doing her best at ‘Mumming’, providing love, support, and fun experiences to her little people. Other favourite activities include; lovely ladies’ lunches, cooking the perfect poached eggs, and utilising her secret talent of grooming show dogs. Rebecca admires her friends, and shares in their aims for reaching a perfect balance of humanity and confidence, successfully pursuing her goals with resilience and strength, and advocating for people and causes in a way that adds genuine value. Some causes that Rebecca is passionate include, regenerative farming for the future of our planet and sustainable food production, and food allergy research and treatments.

Rebecca’s life motto’s include “Negative thoughts will never give you a positive life,” and “A vision without action is just a daydream.” Rebecca is an incredibly valuable asset to the CM team, consistently bringing efficiency, and the unique ability to analyse a situation, and identify opportunities to improve outcomes.

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