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Santhosh Kumar Damodaran

SEO Specialist

With almost ten years of experience in the web development space, it’s not the only ‘space’ Santhosh has experience in…. he has a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering!

He has long had a passion for the stars, with childhood ambitions of being an Astronomer, but like many of us, Santhosh says life had other plans!

With a place on the Concept Marketing team, he enjoys our unique culture and positive outlook among friendly, helpful, and encouraging colleagues.

Santhosh is always ahead of the curve, solving problems before they even become one, which makes him an asset to the team and our clients.

He lives by the great Carl Sagan’s quote “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”. And he’s definitely on its case!

As well as spending quality time with his family, Santhosh enjoys learning more about finance and investment, so look out for him on WA’s rich list, because it’s likely he’ll achieve his dream of becoming a millionaire.

There’s not much Santhosh can’t achieve, with his intelligence and work ethic.

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