Google Reveals: The Changing Patterns of Content Consumption

Google has released new insight about how consumer view content across a multitude of different devices and media channels. This gives us a greater understanding of consumer behaviour – and how we can essentially plan marketing communications in the order that they are likely to be consumed.

Our mobile phones are still only used about 17 minutes per day, relatively small compared to TV (42 minutes) and Desktop (39 minutes).

However TV and Desktop are rarely used by themselves – because 77% of those people ‘watching TV’ or using their computer – are actually using their mobile or tablet – at exactly the same time.

The trend has shifted. Most online searches and research start on a mobile and gets continued, finished or purchased on another device.

Key Takeaways

User journeys: Your marketing campaigns do not need to be designed for a mobile to desktop journey, however use this information to consider how your message will translate from the small to the big(ger) screen. For example, have transformed their mobile app experience, promoting a ‘save for later’ button, rather than ‘add to basket’ (understanding that in reality purchasing is likely to happen on a desktop later on)

Content and page formatting: This is a fundamental basic in today’s world. Ensure your critical content is easy to view on multiple devices.

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