The Importance of Touch Points

A touch point is the moment where your business touches a client or prospect. This could be in the form of a direct mail piece or when the receptionist greets a client at the door. As a result, touch points are a very important part of your business.

Touch points are the little details that will keep customers coming back… Or keep them away. The little details often make a big difference when it comes to choosing the people you work with.

Simple things about how clean you keep your bathrooms or whether or not your parking lot is easy and safe to navigate can increase client retention.

Take some time to review the touch points you are sharing with customers. If you identify areas that could use improvement, take the time to make those improvements. The little details could make all the difference when it comes to building your business.

At Concept Marketing, we understand the importance of touch points and regularly direct our clients on how to implement them internally. One of our clients had an issue with lead gen and client retention. Through mystery shopping, we called up the company pretending to be a prospect… and found their receptionist was cold, careless and did not follow us up with more information as requested by us.

After some internal coaching on the importance of touch points and implementing ‘set and forget’ style targeted email, their business changed. We also implemented a tailored gifting and referral programme for the client, which transformed their one-off clients into repeat purchasing, referring ‘raving fan’ clients – which are of course, the best ones!

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