The Power of Online Advertising

Thanks to the power of the Internet, your business can go global. It can work 24/7, as long as you take the time to set up the infrastructure to support it. One of the factors that will drive leads to your website is through online advertising.

Online advertising is an affordable way to get your business noticed by the online community. The best part? You have the ability to weigh the effectiveness of your ads almost immediately.

It can be difficult to gauge the impact of print and television advertising. Most of the time, tracking an ad requires you to include some form of “mention this ad” or “call this phone number” to measure how many people have noticed your investment. This can make it difficult to weigh ROI.

Most online advertising, on the other hand, provides an instant dashboard designed to measure the success of the ad. At Concept Marketing, we provide dashboard to our clients, in order to show factors such as how frequently an ad was clicked, by what demographic and from what location. This information provides the freedom to do something different – right away – if the current approach isn’t working.

Banner ads, Pay Per Click advertising and affiliate marketing are specific forms of online advertising designed to bring clients to your front door. Banner ads are often effective due to their appearance. They stretch across the computer screen in a “banner” style and provide information or a product discount to entice customers. Pay Per Click is popular because it’s especially affordable. This form of advertising allows your ad to pop up in a variety of locations, such as Facebook or Google, and you only pay for the ad when a customer clicks on it. Affiliate marketing is also a great way to build business, as it partners you with other businesses. This boosts your presence in the search engines and can drive consumers to your site.

The best way to make online advertising work for you is to approach it with a specific outcome in mind. Concept Marketing has helped businesses build their social media presence by designing a Pay Per Click campaign based around Facebook Likes. Building a stronger social media presence allowed these companies to connect with clients directly and, as a result, receive additional introductions and recommendations thanks to the social network of their clients. The goal was specific and, as a result, provided an easily measurable ROI.

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