If your brand feels tired and outdated, it might be time for a refresh!

There’s nothing wrong with having a little work done every so often.

But, when it comes to freshening up your brand, make sure you talk to an expert.

If you feel your brand is a little tired, dated and deflated, consider a brand revitalisation package from an experienced marketing agency in Melbourne – that’s us btw!

The start of the new financial year is a great time to sit back and assess the look and feel of your brand. You’ve just taken stock of the business’s financials, but why not look strategically at how your brand sits within the ever-changing digital marketplace – does it stand out? Does it reflect the dynamic, technological age in which we live? Does it transfer well from the page (letterheads, business cards etc.) to the digital sphere (the internet, social media platforms etc.)?

It may be that your logo needs a little re-shaping, or that your whole look and feel needs a brand overhaul. Before you rush out and engage the first digital marketing agency Google throws up, take a moment and answer these few questions…

What’s your motivation for Rebranding?

Take a moment and consider the goal you want to achieve. If your motivation stems from “everybody else is doing it so we should too” it could end in tears. You need to think about the direction you want your business to take. If you are merging with another company or diversifying your service offering, then bingo! It’s the perfect time to start fresh with a relevant look and a revitalised attitude.

If you want to modernise a dated look, let your customers know that you are rebranding – a pre-announcement will stir up interest and avoid ostracising your clients. Repositioning your brand is also an excellent way to refocus your efforts to grow the business and expand your audience. Lastly, if your business has taken an unlucky turn, rebranding can help a struggling business reputation dilute and move away from a bad reputation.

Are you going the Full Monty?

Re-branding can involve a simple logo refresh or a complete start-from-scratch rethinking of your brand and what sets your business apart from the competition. A partial rebrand is a great option if you want a small facelift to modernise your look. A simple font change or change of colour can make your brand pop. If a total transformation is what you’re after, working with an experienced marketing agency will help make the process easier and worth the investment. Common elements of a rebrand include changes to:

  • Logo
  • Name (more common following an acquisition or merger)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Story / Promise / Tagline
  • Website
Are you rushing into it?

There is nothing worse than making a snap decision and changing everything about your brand without thinking about how it will affect your customers. Make sure your rebrand is successful by consulting with a marketing agency who know what they are doing.

If you think it might be time for a rebrand, reach out to Concept Marketing.

We are a full-service creative, strategic agency with loads of experience in rebranding and brand revitalisation. We can also help you develop an in-depth marketing plan to make sure your rebranding efforts pay off.

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