Top 10 Reasons To Use Direct Mails

With the huge presence of blogging and social media networks in this new information era, people may think twice before using simple postcards to deliver their message. But you’ll be surprised to know how effective they can be than you ever imagined.
Here are a few facts based on the recent studies conducted by the Direct Marketing Association. Did you know that response rates for direct mail is almost 21 times more than a newspaper, 19 times more than a radio or 47 times greater than TV?
A Concept Marketing, we still swear by the power of direct mail method for communication. According to a recent survey, customers preferred using direct mail method for seeking information and assessing the products more than email and telemarketing methods.

Why Choose Direct Mails For Your Communication?

-Higher no. of users
There are many people who don’t buy newspapers or listen to radio at the same time, watch TV or surf the Internet. But one thing common among all of us is that we all receive mails daily. This is the most powerful medium to reach almost every household in every community.
-Limited Competition
Imagine the number of ads that you can listen using the radio, view on television and check in your email inbox? Are you able to read all of them and how many of them would be competing with each other? On the other hand, there are fewer mails in your physical mailbox that face less competition as compared to all other forms of media.
-Target Your Audience
Choose from selected audience who are much likely to respond to your mails. There are several data houses that provide customised data specific to your demographic.
-Reduces Wastage
All other forms of media cover thousands and thousands of people across a wide area. Their cost per thousand is also quite low. However, if you wish to target people living within 3-5 kilometres only, then why spend unnecessarily on the rest?
-Better Visibility
Unlike TV and radio ads or newspaper ads that lose their relevance after sometime, customers continue to show greater interest in direct mails that is of specific interest to them. They may be able to refer them to known people as these mails have the location map, timings and telephone number.
-Packed with information
Most of the direct mails have an appealing and eye-catching design with a captivating headline that provides valuable information to the readers.
-Cost Effective
Direct mails are far more economical to send across to targeted groups with low postage costs and can be delivered even to your post office to help you save time and money.
-Get better response
With all other forms of media, you must be willing to pay top dollars to secure the best spot amidst your competitors. Direct mails allow you to target the mailbox of the selected audience, where you want them to be delivered.
-Personalised messages
You can choose the best direct mail postcard that will cut through clutter. Research shows that by having a personalised message or salutation increases the chances of it being read.
-Custom Invitations
By paying a few more extra dollars, you can get a personalised postcard containing the name of your first or family name on the front and the back of your card. This can help in increasing your response rate to around 200% and get more number of visitors to your church.

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