Top 25 Ways To Get Good Referrals

Last year, we received an overwhelming response from you all about selling services challenges- right from managing client relationships, getting qualified leads to communicating the value of your services.

Our main focus is find out 12 of the most challenging obstacles that you can easily overcome using some of these excellent tips and suggestions given below:

This Week’s Top Challenge: To Get Referrals
There is no denying that referrals are some of the best ways of getting business leads and finding new business opportunities for professional companies. But then why do we sometimes find it so hard and challenging to get referrals?

Your colleagues, business associates or friends may prove to be valuable in providing customer referrals. Referrals are based upon trust and credibility and when your customers come for enquiries, you know there has been some pre-selling already done for you. Most professionals do not utilise some of these networking channels well to get the best benefits as they feel awkward to ask for a recommendation.

For referrals to work successfully, you need to take a proactive step and work towards improving your lead generation strategies. Be clear on the type of referrals, whom you would like to target and use your networking abilities to the maximum. Develop a sound and smart referral process to drive high quality leads to your business.

Here are a few tips to get you started on this process:

-Offer a referral program with some of the best service providers whom you are comfortable working with, while suggesting them to your friends or clients.

-Show a friendly gesture and appreciate their efforts by sending an email or calling up your referral sources.

-Request for case studies or testimonials from clients, who may not be willing to refer using such alternative methods of recommendation.

-Use some interesting blurbs for referrals in your newsletters or emails to get publicity for your services.

-Ask readers to share your content across social networks using icons with comments, if they enjoyed reading your article.

-Add an email signature-“Referrals Appreciated”

-Add a creative referrals tagline or use them on your business card.

-Create awareness about your current products and services among your existing customers.

-Place a link on your website form for referral submissions.

-Make sure to refer to other businesses that have similar kind of clients and they would appreciate your effort.

-Be extraordinary and always show you clients why your services are so unique.

-Generate trust and confidence among your referral sources by letting them know that your maximum revenue is generated through repeat customers.

-Provide an Affiliate program

-Give them good assurance of services

-Offer a motivation to your referral sources by providing valuable content to share among their network in the form of invitations to seminars, industry and other special events.

-Show appreciation for your suppliers and vendors by treating them as partners in business and create awareness among them about the services you are offering.

-Include an interesting link with a referral note on your LinkedIn profile so that your referral sources can share it with your prospective customers.

-Find out interesting people or groups that you might be interested in working using LinkedIn connections and send them invites.

-Provide an incentive or a suitable reward to referral sources as part of your referral program in recognition of their services.

-If you are able to generate high traffic from your social networking sites, you can reach out to them by asking for referrals.

-Generate goodwill by helping people to improve the chances of getting referrals.

-Involve your customers in the referral process by treating them as equal partners in business and value them.

-Educate your referral sources by sharing valuable information about your ideal referral so that they know what you expect from them.

-Provide all the necessary tools and share interesting techniques with your referrals.

-The best way to get a referral in return is to give referral for others.

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