Track Your Business Wins To Reward and Motivate

At Concept Marketing, we always track our wins on our Win White Board. This board lists accomplishments we have completed for clients. When we get a win and complete an action, we tick it.

This gives us a real sense of reward. We do it. We see it. We feel it and we are motivated to keep thinking of what else we can do for our clients.

This is something we have introduced recently and so far our clients love seeing it proudly displayed on our wall and are excited to see how many ticks they get each month. Prospects can also see how much we successfully do for our clients.

Why not order a white board and hang one up in your workplace and experience the magic or recording, sharing and realising wins. It can motivate your staff and keep everyone thinking about clients and projects.

Come visit us to see ours and how many ticks you have already, or join us if you aren’t already our client. Whatever you need, just give us a call.

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