Using Video to Promote your Business

Video is taking over the world. It is the fastest growing form of ‘ad’ and an average spend on video has more than quadrupled in the last year to over $5billion.
Over 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product or service is helpful in the decision process.

Websites are experiencing a landslide move to digital content and the tools to market in this environment are evolving. As more and more ways arrive to include rich media content in your web offering the search engines are turning their attention to websites that engage their viewers in ways that are far cleverer than keywords or key phrases. Thanks to YouTube, Tumblr, Smartphones and more, all is visual and video.

Research and our experience suggests that video articles in e-newsletters are some of the most clicked on items out there. Facebook has trained the masses to seek out the funny ‘vibes’ and quippy cat videos in their feeds.. and this practice has filtered down into email marketing.

Got an engaging video that relates to your product or service?  Chat to us about how to leverage that footage and engage readers so much better than reams of boring text.

Don’t have a video? – we can help there too.

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