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Business is much more competitive and moves at a faster pace than in years past, with the journey from marketing to revenue reduced dramatically. No longer is marketing the end of the pipe, focused solely on using a product or service and driving demand. The world economy is moving from big creative models to user experience models. And as a result, marketing will take a more central role in the new business dynamic.

But not all agencies are cut out for this.

And customers are driving it all. They are in full control of the path to purchase, increasingly demanding more from brands—with louder and louder voices, no less. If businesses fail to maintain a pulse-check, they can lose sight of a customer base. Now throw in changing forces of the market, especially with direct-to-consumer business models taking a stronger hold, and it only stands to reason that real marketing agencies need a seat at the table.

Marketing should sit at the center of a company’s transformation. Whichever direction you move or innovate your brand, it will have limited value if it’s not connected to—or indeed, driven by—customer needs.

The role a marketing agency should play with business is more than just the creative hype or the number of page views. It needs to reflect and work with business to ensure the whole life cycle is on-brand, from the first impression all the way through to the end sale.

Mystery shopping is one of the first exercises we conduct with our clients. The honest, and sometimes confronting feedback, can challenge a business. However, it provides a strong foundation on where we need to head with our marketing strategy and direction.

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