What Do Customers Really Want From Their Favourite Brands?

Many marketing companies in Melbourne actively seek research on what customers want to know about the brands they consistently buy from. The research showed that customers consistently wanted brands to answer these four questions:

Are they liked or even better loved?
People want to know if they are truly liked by the company where they buy goods and services. Customers know if you like them from how they are served (the customer experience), how the brand tries to interact with them (on social media, email and SMS communication directed specifically for them) and how the brands respond to them (quick respond time to enquiries for example).

Three questions that customers want answers from include: does the brand really listen to them? Do employees or the business use their name in communication? And finally, does the brand demonstrate real authentic feelings including sincere thanks for them using the business?

Do they care about them as a customer?
This ties into the genuineness of communication from the brand. Customers will always want to know if those who serve them really care about them. This is through every touch point the customer has with the company. From social media and website scrolling or the actual buying interaction they have with the company. Having consistent messaging from every touch point the customer has, will assist with this and the next question…

Can they be trusted?
Trust is one important thing between two parties. Clients want to know if the brands and its employees are trustable before making any decision or commitment. A brand can lose customers’ trust if they fail and delay to respond to email, calls, and chats. When they take too long to respond or follow-up, customers trust erodes rapidly. Also ensuring that the product or service delivers and exceeds expectation can help win trust.

Are they knowledgeable and competent?
This is more important for some brands than others but customers prefer to be served by knowledgeable and competent employees and also have access to transparent information on the business.

Customers are savvy if a brand employee is familiar with the brand’s products and services when they are buying from them.
If employees help them to figure out the best products and services, they will build a lifetime of confidence with the brand and they are more likely to refer others.

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