Where do I start with my marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign’s outcome is only effective when properly planned. In other words, you get out what you put in. At Concept Marketing, we begin each campaign with one question: who is the ideal client? See, if we don’t know who the market is, we can’t market to them. Target market is the base upon which our campaigns are built. When we know the “who” – we can then determine the best way to reach them and which message will catch their attention.

But landing on that ideal client isn’t always easy. Sure research is involved, but so is asking the right questions of the business to determine what type of client would best suit what they are offering.

Here are some questions we usually ask:
1.    Who is your client? Pick your best ones and determine what they have in common in regards to age, gender, occupation, income level, lifestyle.
2.    What brings people to your business?
3.    What problem do you solve/What need do you satisfy?
4.    Why do they choose you over a competitor?

At Concept Marketing, our first step with a new client is to hold an Ideal Client meeting to answer the above questions. Once we know who your ideal client is, we’re ready to start brainstorming ways to market to them.

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