Why Creating Detailed Buying Persona is so Important

Many companies are struggling with how to understand the new buying behaviours of today and how fast they are changing. 

Now more than ever it’s important to stand out and be different to attract your prospects.

We share below five ways to define your buyer persona’s to ensure you’re targeting the right people to your business:

1) Start wide

You want to catch as many people as possible and then drill down into specifics and segmenting your contacts. It’s important to remember that most businesses need to segment more than one target market.

For example if you’re a product based business, let’s say women’s luxury items you may have two broad groups: women purchasing for themselves and Men purchasing for their partners as gifts.

2) Drill Down

There’s a lot of information you could use and define but a great place to start is by looking at what information you can actually use in your marketing.

Here’s some great ideas on how to segment your leads and buyers:

  • Location – Where do people live?
  • Excluding Location – Where do they not live?
  • Age – What is the age range of this persona?
  • Gender – What is the gender?
  • Interests – What are the interests of these people?
  • Income Level – What is the income range of this buyer persona?
  • Relationship Status – What is the relationship status?
  • Favourite Websites – Why type of websites do they visit?
  • Buying Motivation – What are the reasons for buying your product/service?
  • Buying Concerns –  What are their concerns when buying your product/service?

3) Research

If you already have an established business, the place to start is researching who currently uses or is interested in your business through Facebook insights and Google analytics.

Alternative you could email a survey to to your current database asking them questions to fill in their information you need or even do a phone survey.

If you’re a new business take a look at your competitor’s insights.

4) Bring it all together

Once you have created your key buying persona’s, now you need to develop a marketing strategy/campaign to reach each of them. What you’ll find is you will have more targeted campaigns with more specific reach, higher engagement and better ROI.

With all things in business your buyer personas will likely change as you learn more and more about them and you may even discover entirely new buyer personas.

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