Why your social media marketing is failing

More brands than ever are doing social media marketing but so many seem less than satisfied with their results.

We share five social media fail warning signs you need to look out for so that you can succeed.

People use different ways to measure social media “success”. Some use likes or followers but this can be misleading because likes don’t necessarily mean people are seeing your messages or posts.

Here are some warning signs to look out for when it comes to your social media marketing:

1) Not many likes or comments

Engagement on your posts is more important than overall page likes. If you have 10,000 page likes for example but only 1 or 2 post likes or comments you need to have a look at what you’re posting. Keep trying different content and messaging until you get your engagement up.

2) Too much time on social media

Have you added up how much time you and your team spend on developing social media campaigns, posts and ad spend vs what return you are getting? It could be disproportionate and more time and money than it’s actually worth.

3) Do you have a strategy?

Like with other marketing platforms, do you have an actual social media strategy including short term and long term goals, choice of platform, costs and building plans? If you don’t, spend time creating your strategies before social media implementation.

4) Competition

If you scroll your facebook feed for example and you notice your competitors ads and posts it’s time for a campaign review. Take note of which social media your competitors use and how they execute their campaign and find a way to get in front of their customers too.

5) You don’t engage with your audience

How long is your response time to respond to facebook messages? Or reply back to a comment? It today’s world of auto responding, it’s important your social media is managed with quick responses to your followers.

6) Posts aren’t varied

Are all your posts product or service sells? Or all content?

Take a scroll through your brand’s news feed and evaluate the types of posts you see It’s important to have a mix of sales, education, informative entertainment and conversational otherwise you are at risk of alienating your audience.

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