You look ridiculous in that outfit

“You look ridiculous in that outfit”

A recent blog post by Seth Godin explores the notion that something new is always used first by people who are willing to look ridiculous, at least for a few minutes.

‘Every once in a while, we adopt something because it’s truly a better technology, a new taste sensation, a productivity shortcut that pays for itself regardless of what people think of it.’ says Seth.

An interesting statement – but in the real world, we stand back and wait until we are 100% sure that other people like us – use, enjoy and are ‘accepted’ for using or adopting that new thing.

The people who go first have a different agenda than the standard-setters and celebrities we see on stage and in the news every day. Only people who care go first.

The truth is – it can take years for something to become an overnight success. Behaviour changes from the outside and bit by bit, we come to answer the question about a car or a pen or a computer with, ‘YES’, people like me use something like this.’

And so the importance of ‘Social Proof’ – testimonials, case studies, reviews, blog comments and advertising containing the ‘target market’ is crucial.

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