Beware of ONE CARD TRICK Digital Agencies

Playing cards is fun, we can all agree, and high stakes poker is the go to game for risk-taking individuals who love the tension and thrill of risking it all. But you need to ask yourself, are you willing to go all in and bet the success of your business on one hand of cards?

In a marketing world that is increasingly competitive due to the instant global nature of the internet, digital marketing agencies in Melbourne are telling business owners to spend more on digital platforms.

Their premise is based around two facts. Firstly, when you search for something – you look online, more specifically, you Google it. Secondly, outcomes are easily measurable, quickly identifying your spend versus your ROI.

While these statements may be true, they are placing all their bets on an unseen hand, without acknowledging what is left in the deck. And FYI, the deck has some gems hidden away, a royal flush if you like, of impact making direct mail, billboard, radio and television advertising.

So now my question to you. In a business to business field, when was the last time you used Google paid ads to determine who you choose to be your next accountant, lawyer, bookkeeper, in fact, any other service you may need?

Effective use of following avenues can guide you: trusted colleagues, advisors, business group sponsors or Linkedin. Start looking to your business. If you are using these mediums to find out about new services for your business, how are you influencing your peers and colleagues to talk about your business offering and choose you over your competition?

Recently, a professional services firm was spending $6,000 on Google Display and Adwords per month as recommended by their Marketing Agency on Perth and were not achieving the expected new business numbers. The business decided to reduce the amount to $ 4,000 per month with more time spent on other channels.

The result? Higher amounts of new business won and $2000 less spent on Google.

Think of it like this, by spending less money on digital marketing and more money on traditional, proven marketing techniques that only a handful of digital agencies in Melbourne embody. You can direct better, more qualified leads to your sales funnel. Which should be the goal for all marketing initiatives.

We know digital can be tracked. In fact, everything we do, anywhere we go on the internet is tracked, and we also know that most consumers are relatively lazy and will cite the web as their means to finding your business.

Google receives an inordinate amount of free hits as other marketing mediums (radio, TV, DM) all function to promote the business and drive traffic to the web.

Other mediums can be successfully tracked by savvy agencies, and in general these tend to show a much higher conversion rate than the 2.3% Google suggests as a normal response.

While everyone else jumps on the digital bandwagon, you need to decide whether it is right for you. Your business is more sophisticated than just one hand in poker, and if your digital marketing agency in Melbourne has played their cards poorly, it may be time for you to look elsewhere, to an agency that has more than one card trick up their sleeves.

Many digital agencies in Melbourne are making a great living from people not prepared to challenge the dealer.

What about you?

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