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There are a variety of objectives in maintaining a web presence. Some clients want to share information, some want to convert competitors, others want to sell goods or merchandise. The list goes on and on. But how do our clients know if their objectives are being met?

Google Analytics is a web analysis platform designed to provide detailed information about the interactions that take place on your website. This analysis platform can show what brought a client to your site, the average time spent on each page, what location your customers are viewing your site from and even information such as what time the average customer logs on.

It’s a fascinating concept. Yet, like all data, this information does little without practical analysis.

Concept Marketing can provide that analysis. Our team is adept at and analyzing the information gleaned from Google Analytics and what it means to your brand. From there, we can develop a strategic plan to overhaul web aspects that are slowing your business down and learn from what’s working.

That’s the power of analytics.




Over 33% engagement Tyrepower – Activation for the Freo Dockers



Increase in web leads during a 5 week marketing campaign



187% growth in online sales in one month



Increase in Goal Completions to 1,294

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Goods Property Services

Darren Dawber

I took over Goods Plumbing 2 years ago, and needing a fresh start, I approached Concept Marketing to take on the challenge of completey re-branding our business. I explained what I was looking for and in no time they had come up with complete fresh new logo, slogan, uniforms and website to do a complete new re-launch of the business... Mark and Janelle have been absolutely brilliant to work with and I can't thank them enough.. We will be clients here for many years to come.


Graeme Clayton

What great people to deal with. Innovation is important to my business and they certainly deliver with their approach to making a difference. Janelle is my day to day contact and does a truly amazing job! Mark is also a pleasure to be around and has a way of seeing things differently!! Lloyd in design has also ensured that my brand is starting to have a consistent identity! Well done all

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